The Best Real Estate Agent Instagram Accounts for Inspiration

Producing an Instagram grid isn’t as easy as it looks. We’ve put together our selection of the best real estate agent Instagram accounts for inspiration, to help you improve your own.

Producing an Instagram grid isn’t as easy as it looks. We’ve put together our selection of the best real estate agent Instagram accounts for inspiration, to help you improve your own.

One of the biggest challenges agents claim they face is producing Instagram worthy content. Whilst up-market estate agencies can post media relating to traditional dream homes, those operating at the lower end of the market often feel their properties are not as enticing, and therefore less valuable as a marketing tool. Whilst this is true to an extent, it is important to remember that per follower the audience you do attract will be much more likely to buy one of your homes. Furthermore, with attention to detail you can still produce an attractive feed.

For each of the accounts listed we’ve outlined some key takeaways that you should consider implementing into your feed.

Strutt & Parker

A screenshot of Strutt & Parker's Instagram page.

Strutt & Parker have invested in their social media presence, particularly on Instagram. Their account is simple and avoids text-focused images. The photographs used are light, well thought out, and varied. Strutt and Parker take advantage of multiple-image posts on their account. However, rather than consistently featuring front aspect shots of each home, there is variation. An example of this can be seen on their post for The Great Hall, near Westbourne, which frames a garden through an archway.

As with many of the accounts we’ve chosen to feature, custom Highlights icons have been used, which conform to Strutt & Parker’s branding. This is a great way to give a more professional look, and therefore stand out amongst real estate agencies.

Strutt & Parker’s Instagram account has 48.1k followers and receives approximately 750 likes per post.

Although many of the houses displayed on their account are towards the upper end of the market, the same social media techniques can be used at all price points. Our key takeaways are:

  • Utilise as much light as possible when taking photographs
  • Don’t use the same style of photograph repeatedly
  • Avoid excessive use of infographics or text-dominant images

Knight Frank Private Office

A screenshot of Knight Frank Private Office's Instagram page.

There’s no doubt that Knight Frank Private Office showcase some of the most beautiful homes in the world, and naturally, this plays to their favour when curating an Instagram feed. Variation is at the heart of Knight Franks’ social media posts – perhaps more so than anyone else we’ve featured. There are very few traditional real estate listing photographs, instead, they’ve opted for design magazine-style images. 

By prioritising images over text, Knight Frank have skilfully included text-focused posts in their feed. In a recent instance (to introduce a member of their team), a two image post was used – split between an artistic headshot of the individual in question, and a two-sentence introduction.

Knight Frank make great use of stories, offering a short picture-based tour of newly listed properties. On the ultimate image they provide a link to their website – funnelling interested parties.

The Knight Frank Private Office Instagram account has 52k followers and receives approximately 750 likes on each post.

Our main takeaways:

  • Avoid overwhelming your followers with grid posts, consider posting property introductions to your story
  • Rather than making text the focus of text-based posts, prioritise a relevant image that draws intrigue to the text

Lodestone Property

A screenshot of Lodestone's Instagram page.

Lodestone Property is a small south-west based estate agency that punches well above its weight on Instagram. Whilst they have a follower base of around two thousand, their feed is both professional and visually appealing. Consistent branding, and well lit, attractive photographs are key to this result. Although there is room for improvement – such as a regular posting schedule, taking advantage of multi-image posts, and more creative highlight icons, Lodestone has one of the most attractive small agency feeds we’ve seen.

Lodestone has a total of 2.3k Instagram followers, with an average of 25 likes per post.

Most important takeaways:

  • It’s not necessary to always post beautiful properties. Instead, cater to your target audience
  • Use branding consistently – particularly colour palettes

Inigo House

A screenshot of Inigo House's Instagram page.

The attention to detail exhibited on Inigo House’s Instagram feed is second to none, but that should come as no surprise as it’s an offshoot of the wildly popular The Modern House Instagram page. Utilising muted tones, their feed is essentially a showcase of architectural photography. Although their account might not be the most efficient marketing funnel, by posting appealing content they’ve managed to attract a large number of followers. As a result, they’re sure to realise some conversion from their posts.

Inigo House has amassed 70k followers and receives approximately 3000 likes on each post.

Key takeaways:

  • Success can be found even without an efficient marketing strategy, providing it is implemented correctly
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with filters, etc. (providing they are not deceptive)

Stacks Property Search

A screenshot of Stacks Property Search's Instagram page.

Stacks Property Search post several different types of content to their grid. Aside from conventional property posts, they publish local property guides – both video and photo content, and alluring landscapes from their region. Whether you’re a traditional real estate agency, or a property hunter (like Stacks Property Search) this is a great way to generate enough content to post consistently.

Stacks Property Search has approximately 13k followers and achieves an average of 350 likes per post.

Our key takeaways:

  • Posting local property guides (photo or video content with two/three paragraphs of relevant information in the description) is a great way to generate enough content to meet a posting schedule without disenfranchising your followers
  • Take advantage of stories and Highlights


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