The Best Real Estate Hashtags for Instagram in 2021

Picking the correct hashtags for real estate posts is key to increasing your audience on Instagram. Here are our favourite real estate hashtags.

Instagram is a great resource for estate agents to gain exposure. Picking the correct hashtags for real estate agency posts is key to increasing your audience on Instagram.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are used to categorise posts on Instagram. Not only are they designed for users to find posts they’re interested in, but also so Instagram can understand the content of a post, and therefore which audiences to target it at. 

A hashtag can not contain spaces or special characters (such as %, ^, &). However, they can contain emojis and numbers. Aside from this (and several banned hashtags), you can create whatever hashtag you like. 

Common hashtags used on Instagram include #photooftheday, #likeforlike, and #throwbackthursday. However, just because they’re commonly used doesn’t mean that you should use them.

Are hashtags effective in 2021?

Although Instagram has changed a lot since it was first released, hashtags remain a key way of increasing engagement and are listed by Instagram as a great way to get discovered. Whilst you’re unlikely to recognise any benefit from accounts that already follow you, hashtags allow your posts to be found by people searching for a specific hashtag. They are also used by Instagram to interpret your image.

As Instagram places so much emphasis on hashtags, they may penalise your account if you’re found to be using irrelevant tags. 

How many hashtags can you use on Instagram?

Instagram limits the number of hashtags that you can use for Instagram stories and feed posts. Instagram stories are limited to ten hashtags, whereas posts can contain up to thirty. Although it is possible to use this many hashtags, it is not advised. It is likely that you can accurately describe your post in around five hashtags, and using too many may appear spammy and visually unappealing.

Picking real estate hashtags for Instagram

Much like optimising your real estate website for SEO, hashtags should be researched. Checking which hashtags your competitors are using is a great way to start, as they are likely to target the same audience as your own real estate agency. You should also investigate the number of followers and posts each hashtag has, to ensure that you’re using hashtags efficiently.

While it might seem sensible to use popular hashtags (e.g. #throwbackthursday), it is often not the case. Although these hashtags have a large audience, they’re also used by many posters. As a result, it can be hard to cut through.

Rather than targeting only broad hashtags, also consider longtail hashtags. For example, instead of #dreamhomes try #dreamhomesbruton or #dreamhomessomerset. This is a great way of being discovered in more popular categories. Furthermore, as the hashtags are more specific, viewers are more likely to be interested in exactly what you’re offering – increasing conversions.

Although you should add the location of your image when posting, it is also a good idea to include it as a hashtag. For example, #Bruton #Somerset

Formatting hashtags on Instagram

Short of visual appeal, there is no need to include hashtags with any structure. However, it is common to include them at the end of a post’s description.

There are several ways of separating the text and hashtag portions of your post description. Instagram prevents users from entering blank lines in their descriptions by default, and therefore several workarounds have been devised. This includes the use of dashes, dots, and special “invisible” characters.

To create a blank line that persists when published, paste the following onto each new line – don’t worry it will appear invisible once posted. 


The best real estate hashtags































What are you waiting for?

You’re now armed with our top tips for using real estate hashtags on Instagram, as well as some of our favourite tags. If you’re interested in learning how Pennard can help your real estate business, get in touch.


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